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Invite the Commissioner to an event

If you would like to invite the Commissioner of Yukon to an event, include the following information in the request:

  • Is this a formal, informal or casual event?
  • Will spouses be attending? If so, please invite “The Commissioner of Yukon and a guest”.
  • What is the dress code?
  • Will the Commissioner be expected to make a speech or presentation? If so, what is the preferred length of speech?
  • Will there be other speakers? If so, who?
  • Will other dignitaries be attending?
  • Will media be attending?
  • How long will your event last?
  • How long will the Commissioner be expected to attend?

Send this information as an invitation to the Office of the Commissioner. Email:

The sooner the Commissioner receives an invitation, the greater the chance they will be available to attend.

You will need to provide the Commissioner with a complimentary ticket to your event. The Commissioner is unfortunately not able to financially support an organization's events by buying tickets.

The Commissioner will be accompanied by an Aide-de-camp (a high-ranking assistant) at most events. If your event is seated, such as a dinner, the Aide-de-camp must always sit close by and have the Commissioner in sight. The Aide-de-camp ticket will also need to be complementary.

Request a congratulatory certificate

The Commissioner of Yukon can send congratulatory certificates to Yukon residents celebrating:

  • 50th and over wedding anniversaries; and
  • 80th and over (in intervals of 5) birthdays.

You must send us your request at least 3 weeks before the event.

The Commissioner will only send certificates to people living in the Yukon.

Email your request to:

Request an honorary patronage

If you would like to ask the Commissioner to become a patron of your organization, submit your request by letter along with a completed request for patronage form.

Email your letter to

Your organization must re-apply for patronage at the beginning of each new Commissioner's term in office. Patronage does not guarantee that the Commissioner will attend or be involved in events hosted by your organization.

The Commissioner of Yukon has established the following criteria when considering patronage requests. The organization must:

  • have aims and objectives that are aligned with the current Commissioner’s pillars (education, family, creativity and civic pride for Commissioner Bernard);
  • be well-established with a proven track record;
  • be territorial or regional in scope;
  • have active programs that are a direct benefit to the community and are implemented annually;
  • be non-political;
  • be financially responsible; and
  • agree to not use the Commissioner's patronage in direct connection with fundraising campaigns or events.

Request a proclamation

To request a proclamation from the Commissioner of Yukon, your organization or government department must:

  • submit a signed letter on letterhead to the Commissioner making the request; and
  • include the dates and wording you would like used in the proclamation.

Proclamations must be approved by the Government of Yukon and require a decision by Cabinet. This approval process can take up to approximately 1 month.

The Commissioner’s office is not responsible for any advertising costs for publishing proclamations in newspapers.

Email your request to:

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