Dominion Agents 1894-1897

The Canadian government, concerned about the number of American miners in Yukon and wanting to maintain Canadian sovereignty over the area, sent Inspector Charles Constantine to survey conditions and assert Canadian authority.




Thomas Fawcet

Term of Office: May 27, 1897, to August 17, 1897

Born: May 20, 1840, Prescott, Ontario
Died: July 25, 1905, Brockville, Ontario

  • Brought in to oversee territory when Charles Constantine was overwhelmed by increase in miners in Dawson City.
  • Served briefly as Yukon's first Gold Commissioner. He was not very popular and was accused of incompetence and corruption.


Charles Constantine

Term of Office: May 26, 1894, to May 27, 1897

Born: November 13, 1846, Bradford, Yorkshire, England
Died: May 5, 1912, California

  • Grew up in Stanbridge in Lower Canada (now Quebec).
  • Appointed Deputy Sheriff for Manitoba in 1873 and then Chief of Police.
  • Appointed as an inspector of the North-West Mounted Police working out of Banff, Alberta and Regina, Saskatchewan in 1886.
  • Chosen to investigate conditions in Yukon due to concerns about large numbers of American miners in 1894.
  • After a four week stay in Yukon he recommended a NWMP force be sent to Yukon.
    • Appointed head of this force which arrived in 1895.
    • Set up the first NWMP post in the territory, Fort Constantine, at Forty Mile on the Yukon River.
  • Promoted to superintendent and returned to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1897.
  • In charge of constructing a pack trail from Fort St. John, BC to Teslin Lake, Yukon in 1905. Trail construction was abandoned when it was half way complete in 1908.

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