Gold Commissioners of Yukon 1918-1932

After World War I, with Dawson on the decline, the positions of Commissioner and Administrator of Yukon were abolished and their duties and responsibilities as Chief Executive Officer of Yukon were re-assigned to the Gold Commissioner of Yukon.



George Ian MacLean

Term of Office: April 1, 1928, to June 30, 1932

Born: Unknown, Dawson City, Yukon
Died: December 16, 1939, Vancouver, British Columbia

  • Worked in Yukon administration, including as Controller from 1906 until 1913.
  • Arranged for Yukoners to receive old age pensions.
  • During the Great Recession, many cost cutting measures were enacted by the federal government of Canada. This included cutting the position of Gold Commissioner, thereby ending George MacLean's term.


George Allen Jeckell

Term of Office as Acting Gold Commissioner: July 10, 1927, to 1928
* Term of Office as Comptroller: June 30, 1932, to December 2, 1936
* Term of Office as Controller: December 3, 1936, to 1947

Born: July 25, 1880, Exeter, Ontario
Died: May 30, 1950

  • Worked as a teacher in Dawson City starting in 1902.
  • Worked in various positions in Yukon's administration starting in 1919.
  • Given the duties and responsibilities of Gold Commissioner when position was abolished, and appointed Chief Executive Officer of Yukon with the title of Comptroller.
  • Alaska Highway built in 1942 during Jeckell’s tenure, bypassed Dawson and instead went through Whitehorse. This isolated the Controller from Yukon affairs in the growing town of Whitehorse and precipitated the move of the office from Dawson to Whitehorse several years later.


Percy Reid

Term of Office: April 1, 1925, to November 14, 1927

Born: 1874, Prince Edward Island
Died: November 14, 1927, Dawson City, Yukon

  • Worked for the government of Yukon as a mining recorder in 1899.
  • Worked for the Canadian Immigration Department and travelled to China in 1921 to open Canadian immigration offices.
  • Appointed as Acting Gold Commissioner in 1924 after George MacKenzie left the position.


George Patton MacKenzie

Term of Office as Gold Commissioner: February 1, 1912, to 1924
Term of Office as Yukon’s Chief Executive Officer: April 1, 1918, to November 16, 1924

Born: 1873, Malagash, Nova Scotia
Died: 1953

  • Founded and served as principle of the first high school in Yukon.
  • Worked in the Gold Commissioner's office in 1904 and was appointed Gold Commissioner in 1912.
  • When the positions of Commissioner and Administrator of Yukon were abolished and their responsibilities assigned to the Gold Commissioner, became the Chief Executive Officer of Yukon in 1918.
  • Shortly after the abolishment of the Commissioner and Administrator the elected Yukon Council was also abolished. However, under George MacKenzie's tenure, the following year a three person, wholly elected Council was created along with the right to vote for women.
  • Successfully negotiated with the United States to bring in liquor to Yukon through Alaska for 'medicinal purposes' during the United States Prohibition in 1922.
  • Reassigned as superintendent of Arctic Expeditions in 1924.

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