Learn about the symbols of the Commissioner of Yukon.

Commissioner’s Coat of Arms

The Commissioner’s Coat of Arms is composed of the Yukon Coat of Arms surrounded by 6 gold maple leaves and 2 blossoms of fireweed.

The Commissioner’s Coat of Arms can be used on a flag or standard with a royal blue background. The standard can be used on an official vehicle or flown outside a building when the Commissioner is in attendance.

Commissioner Coat of Arms

Commissioner's Residence

The Commissioner of Yukon does not have an official residence, as in other parts of Canada.

The Commissioner's Residence in Dawson City was built in 1901 and used as the official residence of the Commissioner until 1916. George Black was the last Commissioner to live there, along with his wife Martha. In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s the Sisters of St. Anne used it as a residence and senior citizen's home.

Today, the Commissioner’s Residence is now a Parks Canada historic site. The main floor has been restored to show visitors what life would have been like in 1916.

For more information please visit: Parks Canada – Commissioner's Residence.

Commissioner's Residence, Dawson City

Taylor House

The Office of the Commissioner moved to the Taylor House in 2015. This large log home was built in 1937 as a residence for Bill and Aline Taylor. Bill was the oldest son of Isaac Taylor who founded Taylor and Drury Ltd. with William Drury in 1899.

The exterior of the house is much the same as when it was built. Aline designed the house, with its distinctive mansard roof, using ideas from magazines. The house shows numerous architectural influences, predominantly American Arts and Crafts and Colonial Revival styles. An eclectic design is typical of Yukon houses of this era. The Taylors hired Frank McKay, an expert log builder, to construct the house. All of the fixtures, materials and furnishings were purchased from Taylor and Drury Ltd., the family business.

The setting and location of the Taylor House echo the residential ambiance that was once an integral part of Main Street. It is a landmark in the historic downtown area of Whitehorse.

Taylor House

Crest with bands of colour
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